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Wolf Eyes / Blank Hellscape - "Winter Sunday" b/w "Concrete Walls" 12" (12XU 127-1)



What happens when Detroit’s Wolf Eyes and Austin’s Blank Hellscape team up to provide a suitably nightmarish backdrop for USA 2020 vanquished by fear, greed, incurable disease, etc. ? Fuck if I know, it’s not like they recorded their tracks in the same room while watching cable news. I mean, credit both ensembles for having an imaginative bone in their bodies or two. On the left, we have Michigan’s synapse-snapping heavyweight champs. On the right, 3 fellas whose 2019 Diseased Tapes debut was one of the year’s most harrowing listening experiences. This EP required no fewer than 3 mastering engineers, 2 personal trainers and 1 and a half psychologists (there was a credentials question) to complete.

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"Winter Sunday", recorded January 2020
"Concrete Walls", recorded December 2019

Wolf Eyes : Nate Young, John Olson

Blank Hellscape : Ethan Billips, electronics
Andrew Nogay, vocals
Max Deems, guitar and tapes

p&c Wolf Eyes Music LLC
p&c Diseased Tapes