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Wednesday Week - "No Such Thing" 7" (Spacecase)

Image of Wednesday Week - "No Such Thing" 7" (Spacecase)


"Wednesday Week’s first Fan Club 7” EP is back in print via Spacecase Records. Originally released in 1986 just prior to the band’s Enigma Records debut LP What We Had, this 7” has been unobtainium for decades. Wednesday Week self-released the 7” on their Sweden Spins imprint. As Kristi Callan (vocals, guitar) recalls, Enigma wasn’t receptive to Wednesday Week producing their own fan-club releases—but thankfully they did anyway. "

"The A side opens with a cover of Agent Orange’s “No Such Thing” which was a mainstay of Wednesday Week’s live set at the time. “Also Clear” was recorded for a folk-rock compilation that never materialized. B side’s “Businessman’s Wife” was recorded at One on One Studios in North Hollywood with Bob Shulman producing. “The Leopard” closes the EP and was the only song Wednesday Week wrote with former Narrow Adventure bandmate Kjehl Johansen (Urinals, 100 Flowers). Except for “Businessman’s Wife,” all the tracks were recorded by Ethan James at his Radio Tokyo studio in Venice, California, from the fall of 1984 to the fall of 1985. "

"This reissue was pressed using the stampers that Kristi Callan had held onto. It includes a reproduction of the original insert (credits, lyrics, etc.). Each copy will receive a center label from the 1986 Sweden Spins release that Kristi also kept. This pressing is limited to 300 copies. "

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