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Public Relations - s/t (Soft Office)


"A group of eight musicians and writers came together on the island of Vlieland in December 2021, to do whatever they felt like doing. The group: Pelumi Adejumo, Ricky Cherim (Meetsysteem), Yulya Divakova (Giant Julie), Marvin Lalihatu (Animistic Beliefs), Adura Sulaiman (Future Husband), Sanam Tahmasebi (Sanamika), Arie van Vliet (Lewsberg) and Yvonne Zeegers. The result: this 19-track album called ‘Public Relations’, filled with music, poetry and field recordings. Plus a zine about everything the group talked about on the island."


released January 27, 2023

Recorded on Vlieland, December 2021. Mixed by Public Relations. Audio mastering for Soft Office by Jasper Boogaard. Artwork by Public Relations.