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Mope Grooves - Desire LP (See My Friends)

Image of Mope Grooves - Desire LP (See My Friends)


4th killer LP from Portland's genre-detonating Mope Grooves. Is there another band nearly as capable of turning rock music inside-out in a manner so elementary & cunning at the same time? OK, I can think of at least one (and I'm having a devil of a time keeping their LP in stock, so you might want to make a move on this one while you can.

"Keeping in the tradition of thrift, tedious life-consuming labor, and love of the game, these are all spray painted, the spray painted jacket is rubbed face down on the driveway real hard until it takes ink good, the jacket is screen printed, and then a photo is glued in the box (usually the one pictured). It looks great and is a giant pain in the ass. 12" 45 RPM record"

Sold Out