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Manateees - 'Croc N My Pocket' 12" EP 12XU 085-1


(IN STORES NOVEMBER 20 ; mail order copies shipping now)

Of the Manateees’ last album, the thoroughly awesome ‘Sit’n’Spin’ (Pelican Pow Wow, 2014), one national outlet called the band’s output, "skate punk laced with wizard rock, the sort of thing that's so angry and vicious that it could very feasibly make you laugh in the process.” you know what? FUCK THAT SHIT.

For starters, SKATE PUNK? WIZARD ROCK? What planet are you living on? And yeah, go ahead and laugh. Laugh your fucking head off (preferably for real). Those who choose to view the Manateees thru the prism of some insular, micro-cult, faux genre are not only doing their readers a criminal disservice, but they’re missing the boat on one of the last truly malicious, unpredictable minds in American rock’n’roll. And you know what happens to people who miss the boat, don’t you? They end up like Dennis Wilson. Floating face down. Unable to generalize and stereotype because they’ve drowned in a swamp of their own prejudice.

Don’t get me wrong, the last couple of years’ worth of Manateees records were pretty stunning, and if you’re lucky enough to own ‘Sit’n’Spin’ or the preceding pile of singles on the Goner, Total Punk, Jack Shack, Tic Tac Totally and Ken Rock labels you probably already have a keen understanding that Memphis’ Abe White could very well retire UNDEFEATED tomorrow were he so inclined. Instead, newish lineup and a stack of Jack O.-assisted recordings in tow, he’s a goddamn man on a mission.

In a world of crossover-obsessed lightweights, White’s a relative outlier — not so much for the savvy few who’ve thrilled to his past works — but certainly for cartoon garage twerps who struggle to comprehend the sheer evil intent. I’’m not even gonna tell you ‘Croc N My Pocket’ showcases White at his most crazed because unless you’re camping out in his fertile mind, you haven’t seen anything yet. The only thing stopping the next version of Manateees from running roughshod over a gutless, soulless, staggeringly timid 2016 rock scene is how patient Abe wants to be before showing everyone else up. ‘Croc N Pocket’ is the sound of patience running really thin.

first 200 on croc-colored vinyl. includes download code.