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Goldblum - s/t (Soft Office)

Image of Goldblum - s/t (Soft Office)


'Goldblum' is the self-titled debut by Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut) and Michiel Klein (Lewsberg, Geo). This vinyl edition is a re-issue of the cassette released on Het Generiek in 2020. The duo creates lo-fi sound collages working with flea market cassettes, tape-loops, keyboards and vocals in both English and Dutch.

Goldblum started out as a live act, improvising with random tape-loops to often messy but glorious results. The six tracks on this tape however are carefully constructed to create a mini-album that is best listened to as a whole. Luckily their hands-on appeal remains fully intact, with first takes and spontaneous arrangements. Fragments of golden oldies, crippled rhythms, noisy outbursts and melancholic melodies come together in dreamlike songs and soundscapes, submerged in tape hiss.