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DRUNKS WITH GUNS - Fucked Up On Beer & Drugs LP (DWG)

Image of DRUNKS WITH GUNS - Fucked Up On Beer & Drugs LP (DWG)


"From 1984 to 1987 the freshly effectuated Drunks With Guns consisted of two infamous Crestwood Missouri residents and graffiti aficionados, Broadhack and Doskocil. They were joined by Seitrich (not of Crestwood, MO) and one of 2 Crestwood bass players DeLeon or Broyles boils with the US Military having a final word on availability. In those first three years the band completed three studio recordings and performed just four live shows. The multi track tapes from the first two recordings were erased by the respective studios so that they could be reused no doubt for more consumer friendly products. The bands first two 7” EP’s the self-titled and ‘Thirst for Knowledge were pressed directly from rough mixes done on cassette tapes devoid of any overdubs effects or remixing whatsoever. A third studio the band booked was so taken aback by them and their music they refused to allow the Drunks to return to mix the results. Thankfully, Belleville Illinois resident Dave Reeves had an identical multitrack and was able to add some much-needed effects and EQ making these recordings arguably the bands most proficient to date. Three of these songs would appear on the ‘Altar Humans industrial Fetishism’ 7 inch EP, the lineup’s third and final ‘group’record."

"A bootleg album would also appear around this time without the bands foreknowledge this ‘black album’ — a shameless and opportunistic exercise in greed — was inferior sounding and amateur looking reissue of the bands first two EPs stealing Spinal Tap’s ‘none more black’ joke for a record cover. The Drunks With Guns were not consulted and have yet to receive any compensation or accounting. An associate had gone behind their backs pocketing all the money whilesharing nothing with the band, not even a free record. As if this wasn't enough it was later learned that this conspirator had filed fraudulent copyrights claiming sole ownership of the band’s material and cut everyone out of any future legitimate earnings from these recordings. The financial and artistic subterfuge involved made continuing with his pilferer and liar an absolute impossibility."

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