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Chronophage - Prolog For Tomorrow LP (Cleta Patra)

Image of Chronophage - Prolog For Tomorrow LP  (Cleta Patra)


After a pair of self-released tapes, the long-awaited debut LP from Austin's CHRONOPHAGE drops from the skies courtesy of Minneapolis' newly formed Cleta-patra Records. Persons who've immersed themselves in Chuck Warner's Messthetics comps or the brief-but-brilliant discography of Allston MA's Propeller Records will say to themselves HOW COULD THIS HAVE EVER HAPPENED while the remaining 99.99999999999% of the listening public will simply bask in the wonderment of this band's superior invention & songcraft. Will DIY USA produce a better album in 2019? I certainly hope so because it's only January 3 for fuck's sake!

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