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Chris Brokaw - 'Live At The Decommissioned Power Station In Florli, Norway' CS (12XU)


In 2018 I was invited to join with the arts group Rimi/Imir in Stavangar, Norway, on a multimedia project called 'Florida Lowlands', a blend of music, video, dance and sound. The final piece ended up somewhere between a performance and an installation. I spent a lot of time in Stavangar in 20018-2019 working on the piece. It was a lot of process, and pretty different from anything I'd done before. I thought the final outcome, which really only coalesced at the first performances in Oslo, was great, new, exciting. The architects, a couple named Iver Findlay and Marit Sandsmark, were smart, ambitious, elliptical, hard-working.

In 2022 they invited me to participate in a small festival in Florli, about an hour from Stavangar. It's only accessible by ferry and there's not much there. Year round population is about ten people, and it's most famous for its 4444-step wooden staircase up the side of a mountain, big hiker attraction.

The 'festival' turned out to be more like an artists' retreat, combined with the wedding of Iver and Marit. My involvement was kinda last minute but I was very happy to be there. I met some great artists, experienced some cool and unusual performances; and played 2 solo sets, one electric in this giant decommissioned power... more
released January 19, 2023

Recorded June 3, 2022 in Florli, Norway
Recording and mastering by Jim Dawson
All songs by Chris Brokaw, Calimoxcho Music / BMI
Photos by CB
copyright 2023 Chris Brokaw under license to 12XU