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XV - On The Creekbeds On The Thrones LP (Ginko)

Image of XV - On The Creekbeds On The Thrones LP (Ginko)


“I do identify as unhinged and feral in the creative space and on many occasions” – Emily Roll

“It is always changing, always in the moment” – Claire Cirocco

“I don’t understand what Claire or Emily are doing, but it works when we play together” – Shelley Salant

‘On the Creekbeds On the Thrones’ is the second LP by XV, a limitless, fiery, deep-breath of a record. Where their 2019 debut had a startling, first-kiss energy, ‘Creekbeds’ is reflective, momentous, poetic. Textures multiply, evoking both the endlessness of sky and the terror of a bottomless well. There’s a daring sort of faith in these songs, the way the three members trust in the resonance and persistence and joy built into each song and the way they trust in each other. This faith provides a tender, messy space for thoughts, feelings, outbursts, joys, and sadnesses. The observations made on this record – from petty irritations to existential crises – are articulated in a way that feels always like solidarity, never like whining. Paired with the tumbling snarl of the instruments, the songs project a kind of clumsy telepathy, a heartfelt exchange that is both confrontational and deeply welcoming. - Ethan Swan

XV is Claire Cirocco, Emily Roll, and Shelley Salant

Recorded & mixed by Fred Thomas in Ypsilanti 2022