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Various Artists - Bring Beer LP (12XU 036-1)

$7.50 - On Sale




All profits (!) to benefit Austin, TX’s Trailer Space.

New recordings from Cruddy, The Golden Boys, Chris Brokaw, James Arthur's Manhunt, The Flesh Lights, Naw Dude, Carolee, Marriage, Philip Sambol, Followed By Static, Nazi Gold, G.Green, Rhett And Dean, Air Traffic Controllers. Includes download code.

I wrote somewhere else that your local record store is as crucial to the community as a good public library, museum or hospital. Clearly, I’m addicted to the sort of hyperbole that torpedoes even the most well intentioned argument. But while the rest of the nation celebrates Record Store Day 2012 by fighting over White Denim pic discs and Lars Ulrich spoken word albums, let’s spare a thought for the stores that are largely shut out of the party…and in one prominent case, has hosted far superior parties several times a week. Specificially, Austin’s Trailer Space, where propreitor Spot Long hosts countless free, all-ages shows in a decidedly R-rated environment. From it’s inception, Trailer Space had more of a clubhouse vibe than your typical retail establishment ; a number of the bands on this album have either utlized the store as a rehearsal space, an afterhours poker palace or most often of all, a very convenient hide out. Sometimes lost amidst the smoke, dice games and anti-social networking is the fact Trailer Space actually has a big pile of great records for sale. Who knows, one of these days you might actually buy a few of ‘em.

As for the musical contents —- the album is a clumsy hybrid of a 12XU label sampler and a chance for some Trailer Space fixtures (though admittedly only a few of them) to say thanks (though there’s clearly some crossover between those two camps). To those who have a tight connnection with the store who aren’t represented here (sorry, Jay Satellite), let me just say that Spot didn’t put in a good word for a single one of you.

Any profits from this sprawling mess are going to Trailer Space. Spot says he’s not too proud to take the money, and while I’m not gonna argue he’s UNICEF-cuddly, the guy receives no compensation for the amazing free gigs hosted at his establishment, and if they stopped happening, your alleged Live Music Capital would become a far less interesting place to live. To hop out of fantasyland for a minute, ‘Bring Beer’ is not gonna be much of a windfalll —- in the unlikely event we sell all of ‘em after the bands take their stash, there should be enough left over for a couple of pizzas from Eastside Pies. But it is my fervent hope that after reading this screed, you’ll check out Trailer Space the next time you’re in town. Like the sign on the door says, ‘Bring Beer’. But bring some fucking money, too. EVERY DAY is Record Store Day if you know where to look.