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Unholy Two - "Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker)" b/w "Razor" 7" (12XU 042-7)



Having expanded to a 3-guitar attack, Columbus, OH's Unholy Two's first recorded output since 2010's '$kum of The Earth' (Columbus Discount/Negative Guest List) is a more than worthy followup to that caustic masterpiece. Why is it that no one has previously thought of a combined musical homage to Rick Rude and Richard Ramirez? Besides Jeff Lynne, I mean.

There's a lot of other bands out there making super ugly, noisy music. And if you think I'm gonna use this space to talk shit about any of them, you couldn't be more wrong. Hype's all good and fine, but I'm not getting my lights punched out just to sell a couple of singles. Put your own ass on the line and tell me how it works out for you.

100 of these are on Glow-In-Dark vinyl. For the rest of you that can afford lightbulbs, there's another 400 on black. Download code included.