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Thigh Master - Early Times LP (Brut Direct Disques)

Image of Thigh Master - Early Times LP (Brut Direct Disques)


debut LP from Brisbane, Australia's THIGH MASTER. USA dates this March, 12XU 7" to follow. Their lovely label provided the following spiel :

"Thigh Master have been mainstays of Brisbane’s thriving underground guitar scene for years now, building up a formidable reputation for both their fierce live shows and their early recorded output. Their first two singles "Head Of The Witch" (2014) and "Songs To Wipe Your Mouth To" (2015) both sold out their initial runs after charming fans both in Australia and abroad with their urgent and catchy tales of inner-city malaise. They have already played with Guitar Wolf, The Coathangers, Ty Segall, Ariel Pink, The Clean, Real Estate and Courtney Barnett. Early Times, their debut LP, was recorded and mixed by Blank Realm guitarist, Luke Walsh. Once more Matthew Ford and company turn this introspection and angst into high art, with another infectious offering which is sure to turn heads in all the right places. RIYL: Kitchen’s Floor, Buzzcocks, Blank Realm."

“I haven’t been excited about guitar pop like this in a while, transporting a presence of Polvo/Archers-style string bend, plus huge riff from some 8000 miles away, familiar but still vital, and given exuberant, shook-up life.” –Doug Mosurock, Still Single.

"'Early Times' manages to capture the band’s spontaneous live energy — with the sun-soaked optimism and scrappy pop-bent guitars playing off frontman Matthew Ford’s anxious-or-nonchalance vocal oscillation. A two-faced tact best displayed on the pre-vamped version of 2014′s 'D.D', where obsessiveness folds first into a carefree hook, then a climatic, self-obsessed ballader collapse.

With the album’s majority — Ford’s angst-edged cynicism undercutting the catchy-as-fuck and perfectly unpretentious sharehouse guitar-pop (best fused on lead single 'Company') — split by venom-spitting gloom ('Brunno Brawl') and emotive strains of self-depreciation ('Hassa Been'), Early Times survives well past that first face slap of scrappy punk revelry." - Rolling Stone


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