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SWEET TALK - 'Pickup Lines' LP (12XU 043-1)



“Where did all the real rock n roll go? Where the people took time to craft a song, make it fun to listen to, and wanted it upbeat and catchy?” SWEET TALK answer these questions. Combining the best parts of Cheap Trick, early UK power pop and the dual guitar work of Thin Lizzy, SWEET TALK burn through eleven songs on their debut LP. This ain't no lo-fi bedroom recording destined to choke dollar bins across the nation. No, this is real rock n roll. PICKUP LINES is the antithesis of modern music: recorded in the highest of fidelity with loud guitars, vocal harmonies, solos and even containing the most elusive gem in the current age of music, catchy-as-hell-choruses. Don’t miss out on the endless sing-a-longs, pick up PICKUP LINES and leave stale music behind. Featuring members of Mind Spiders, Wiccans, VIDEO, Pharaohs, Church Shoes.
STATS: 500 pressed on gatefold flexi with laser etching."

(LABEL NOTE : we're actually doing the first 100 on red white, the rest on black)


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