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Sweet Talk - 'Double Perfect' LP (12XU 077-1)

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Austin, TX’s Sweet Talk were formed in 2011 after Stephen Svacina (Uptown Bums, Ex-Mind Spiders) moved from the college town of Denton to the insanely bright, LED condo lights of the Live Music Capital of the World. He wasn’t in Austin long before finding Indiana transplant/guitar virtuoso Mitch Fraizer (Church Shoes, Shawn David McMillen Band, Loteria), sleeping on his couch and talking non-stop about vintage guitars and ICP. Naturally, two soon bonded over their love of 70s British classic rock, early 80s power pop, sandwiches, etc. and began work on a new project.

Drawing from material that Svacina had written and recorded before leaving Denton, the two enlisted the rhythm section of fellow former Dentonites Harpal Assi (Wiccans, Video) and Troy Tabner (Uptown Bums, Pharaohs) and in early 2013 released their debut album ‘Pickup Lines’ on 12XU to near universal acclaim. Six months later, they released the Mark Ryan/Jeff Burke produced ‘Flash of Light’ EP with Marley Jones (OBN III’s, ex- Jonly Bonly) replacing Tabner on drums and further solidified their status as master craftsmen of the classic pop song.

Inbetween they did a few jaunts through the United States, played live on Terre T’s “Cherry Blossom Clinic” on WFMU, and had their music utilized in a shampoo commercial that we’re told can only be seen on “Russia’s version of YouTube” (we admit, this sounds pretty suspicious, but it really happened). The end of 2013 prompted a short break for Sweet Talk collectively but not individual, with members spending the rest of the year touring with other ensembles such as OBN IIIs, Church Shoes, and Radioactivity.

The first half of 2014 saw original drummer Troy Tabner return to the fold and well as young blood Jordan Rivell stepping in to take over bass duties. The new ‘Double Perfect’, recorded in part by Orville Neeley (OBN III’s) and Matthew Melton (Warm Soda, Bare Wires), though not a massive stylistic departure from Sweet Talk’s prior works, is arguably their best recording & collection of songs to date (and around here WE LIKE TO ARGUE). Svacina is nudging his way into the pantheon of songwriting greats, and on the all-important CHOPS FRONT, Fraizer is matching him stride for stride. In what may well be a golden age for smart, funny & crazy-catchy rock’n'roll out of this region, Sweet Talk’s world-fucking-class credentials make way more sense on record than on paper. We’re happy to provide both, however. Catch these guys this Fall on tour all over the place.

Selected commentary on Sweet Talk:

“the kind of rock songs the alleged alternative rock stations should play for the boys who want to turn it up loud and play air guitar too while the girls shake their hair loose. Sadly it wont happen because it would make some of them realize that 30 Seconds To Mars suck” – Smashing Transistors

“fuck, this is is good” – Maximum RocknRoll

“catchy as fuck…ready to be blasted out of your car windows” – Tiny Grooves

“fucking great” – Razorcake

first 150 on gold vinyl
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