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STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS - 1000 Lives To Die LP (12XU 080-1)



On the heels of End Of An Ear's well received 'Grave City' compilation of studio recordings, here's the 2nd of two live albums from Dallas' incredibly influential and fucked-before-their-time STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS, '1000 Lives To Die', recorded in 1987 at Dallas' Theatre Gallery during the band's final show. The recordings have been restored / beefed up by Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering, and lacquers cut by Matt Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service, befitting this crucial documents of one of US punk's most iconoclastic kamikaze missions. This is the first time these performances from the foursome of Bobby Soxx, Clarke Blacker, Scott Elam and Bob Beeman have been issued on vinyl and short of a goddamn time machine, it's as close as you'll come to being in the thick of a unique moment in band vs. audience history that's unlikely to be matched by anyone in 2016, try as they might.

"I fondly remember Bobby Soxx on his back porch...chopping bibles with a meat clever and throwing a color television at a Mexican family. This band murdered Dallas." - Gibby Haynes

“I’ll tell you what sums up Texas – Stick Men With Ray Guns, the scariest
band I ever saw . . . Bobby’s girlfriend spent the whole set trying to give him a blowjob...then he stuck the mic up his ass, and the crowd got angry and he goes, ‘I’ll take you all on!’ So they come at him onstage, and he swings the mic stand and takes them all out. Then, one Christmas Eve, he held his grandparents hostage. Had the whole SWAT team around his house.” – Paul Leary, Butthole Surfers

“He got shot point blank by a speed dealer once. He just stood there . . . the bullet bounced off his sternum, went right out again without hitting any vital organs. He was like, unfazed by it. One time he hit a guy over the head with an axe to get him to leave his house. The police said, You trying to kill him? and he said, 'hell no! If I was trying to kill him, he’d be dead.'” – Jeff Pinkus

Includes download code. available on black vinyl only.