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Simple Circuit - s/t LP (Simple Circuit)

Image of Simple Circuit - s/t LP (Simple Circuit)


After a pair of 7"'s and a song on 12XU's 2010 'Casual Victim Pile II' LP, Austin quartet SIMPLE CIRCUIT have finally released their long-awaited debut full-length and it's a goddamn monster. The dueling guitars of Edmund LeStrange and Kevin Hoyas have proven so hypnotic, our local constabulary have actually made it ILLEGAL to operate a motor vehicle after watching Simple Circuit perform. It's still perfectly OK to maintain a small cache of deadly weapons in your domicile, but THIS IS NEITHER THE TIME NOR PLACE to discuss such matters. The important thing is that we've only got a few copies of this masterpiece (250 pressed) direct from the band and if you snooze....well, I don't wanna say you're gonna lose. But you're far less likely to win.

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