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Shawn David McMillen - On The Clock With JJ & Mitch (12XU 070-1) LP



Austin-via-Galveston TX guitarist/vocalist/sound artist Shawn David McMillen has been on the periphery of whatever US underground thing you’re supposed to give a fuck about for the better part of the last decade; he’s released a couple of terrific solo albums for New York’s Tompkins Square label, logged time in Austin’s power-psych demolition artists Rubble, appeared on split recordings alongside Jack Rose, Steve Gunn and Pete Walker, collaborated with Charalambidies’ Tom Carter…I mean, is that enough to make you wonder if you’ve missed the boat yet? No?

‘On The Clock WIth JJ & Mitch’ is McMillen’s first new album since 2010’s ‘Dead Friends’ and represents his most straight-up electric rock effort to date. Recorded in NYC last spring by Grey Datura’s Robert Mayson and assisted by the crack rhytm team of drummer JJ Ruiz (Trustees, Naw Dude, Teeners, Air Traffic Controllers) and bassist Mitch Fraizer (Sweet Talk, Church Shoes), ‘On The Clock’ represents the-Shawn-is-ready-for-his-closeup moment lovers of expansive guitar work have waited for very patiently. McMillen and band (who’ve recently seen Ruiz switch to bass and former Strange Boys/OBN III’s drummer Matt Hammer take over the drums) have a lean & mean take on established forms that make a mockery of alleged levitation festivals and those with lower than low musical standards.