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Richard Papiercuts - "If" LP (Ever/Never)

Image of Richard Papiercuts - "If" LP (Ever/Never)


Influenced in equal measure by both sides of the street and the top and bottom of the charts, RICHARD PAPIERCUTS’ IF sets a new standard for ambitious pop music on a shoestring budget. Meticulously recorded throughout New York City over the course of a turbulent year, Papiercuts & co. traffic in shades of light and dark. Like a master of ceremonies at an underground cabaret, Papiercuts—a mystery man of uncertain origin and pedigree—is an expert guide to the many quandaries of a modern metropolitan existence. IF is unafraid to explore a complex inner life rife with anxiety and doubt, yet it revels in the sensual pleasures only the contemporary cityscape can provide. IF is the ultimate marriage of subversive, underground sensibilities and classic songwriting craftsmanship silhouetted on a larger-than-life canvas. This music encompasses an ordinary life played out in widescreen. We are all our own celluloid heroes, Papiercuts seems to be telling us. Embrace your starring role, be your biggest fan."

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