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Positive Thinking - "Permanent" b/w "1 30" 7" (Spacecase)

Image of Positive Thinking - "Permanent" b/w "1 30" 7" (Spacecase)


"Positive Thinking is a new Austin, Texas, group featuring Kelly Winchester (vocals, synth) and Bradley Barr (guitar), both formerly of Soft Vision. Dmitri Clements (bass) and Luis Martinez (drums) round out the lineup.

“Permanent” b/w “1 30” is the group’s debut release. Formed during the pandemic, Positive Thinking originally employed a drum machine before Martinez joined the band. A spartan sound, evoking images of the Southwest, developed. For fans of Opal and the Rain Parade.

This is a limited release of 300 copies. Cover art was provided by the renowned artist Robert Beatty."