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Obnox - Wiglet LP (ever/never)

Image of Obnox - Wiglet LP (ever/never)


The people say they want the truth. Let’s take them at their word: The People want the Truth. LAMONT "BIM" THOMAS is the god(damn’s honest) Truth. We all know the truth isn’t always pretty, and rarely is it fun—but Thomas makes it sound like the best party you’ve ever been to which you’ve ever been invited. And make no mistake—everyone is invited. OBNOX is soul music for the bruised and battered; feel-good tunes for the righteously pissed-off masses; and a sonic salve for the neglected and ignored. Wiglet—Thomas’s third full-length of 2015—is part two of Ever/Never’s double-fisted Obnox-ious assault on your eardrums (following current triumph Know America). If possible, Wiglet is Thomas’ most wigged-out offering yet. Condensed into a solid half-hour of fuzz, grease, sweat and fury, Wiglet is another entry into Thomas now-patented, and near-effortless, blend of punk (including garage, post and hardcore), soul and hip-hop—all with an ear worthy of a warped late ‘60s studio engineer.

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