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OBNOX - Louder Space LP (12XU 060-1)

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"It’s never happened before and it may never happen again—Obnox have recorded in a real studio. After an LP, a 2xLP, and over a half dozen 7”s recorded in a dumpy punk flophouse's living room on a let’s just say “experienced” half-inch tape deck, Cleveland OH’s biggest brotha Bim Thomas has tracked his new full-length at Columbus, OH’s Musicol Studio. Is “Louder Space” Obnox’s “Tallahassee?” Oh God, no. 

That glorious rust belt/disgust belt grit and grime that makes the ‘Nox the ‘Nox is ALL there, good people. Call it Soul Noise, call it Splatter Gospel, hell, call it Urban Contemporary, who cares that it’s taken. From the lumpen stomp of “Primetime Sista,” to the boldly experimental anti-funk of “How to Rob ‘The Punk Years’” and “Red-I,” to the COMPLETELY SICK, fuzzed-out, industrial psych-blues of the jaw-dropping closer “Feeling Real Black Today,” Thomas’ punk spirituals satisfy the soul on “Louder Space” more than ever before. Obnox’s soul/punk fusion just keeps getting dirtier, more organic, and if this white boy may dare to say so, blacker with every go-‘round. You gotta get in on this shit, people. If you’re not on this train yet, it’s time. - Ron Kretch, Dangerous Minds

selected praise for 2013’s ‘Corrupt Free Enterprise’ ;

“destroying and recreating the very soul of rock music all over again” - Tiny Grooves

“A loud, thick, abrasive thing of beauty” - Smashin’ Transistors

“chaotic and ambitious - the sound of garage rock violently refusing to rot in the garage” - Chris Richard, Washington Post

“noisy, snarling punk, sifting sneaky melodies through miles of distortion and clamor” - Marc Masters, Pitchfork

“Would someone tell Bim Thomas that Obnox punk rocks the fuck out. # latetotheparty” - Marc Maron
Thomas sculpts deep cuts out of blown-out beats, redline guitar damage and sneering yet soulful-singing — as if your local gospel had been raised on a diet of the Pagans and Back From The Grave comps” - Erick Hughes, High Times

first 200 on green vinyl. includes download code.

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