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Heavenly Bodies - Universal Resurrection 12" (Petty Bunco)

Image of Heavenly Bodies  - Universal Resurrection 12" (Petty Bunco)


"As any casual student of astronomy will tell you, the heavens move at their own pace. A certain slowness and deliberateness marks each tug and shove of any given celestial object. To push too hard is to upset creation’s harmony. Such a folly is at best unsettling; at worst, cataclysmic. Our vast unearthly soup swirls with a patience largely unknown to mere humans who burn out and rot in the blink of a lunar eclipse. "

"Heavenly Bodies, the slow-simmering trio from Philadelphia, seem to follow their namesake’s temporal sense as a goddamn mission statement. With Universal Resurrection (PB011), the inscrutable trio suggests a creeping theme, sets it free in zero-gravity, and dares the listener to outpace the patience of its black hole crawl. Best of luck to those who try, the rest of us await the only universal resurrection we deserve. "

"For fans of grounding issues, psychedelic discomfort, and patient anxiety. "

Recorded 2020 at Jerry’s on Front by Heavenly Bodies, mastered by John Dawson.

Petty Bunco 011