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Chronophage - The Pig Kiss'd LP (Cleta Patra) (2nd pressing)

Image of Chronophage - The Pig Kiss'd  LP  (Cleta Patra) (2nd pressing)


(2nd pressing, preorder now - shipping on or around June 1, 2021)

long-awaited LP #2 from Austin TX (via Orlando) quartet CHRONOPHAGE whose end-of-2018 album 'Prolog For Tomorrow' turned underground music inside-out and back again. The ridiculous songwriting / performance chemistry of Parker Allan and Sarah Beames has been captured in something approaching technicolor glory ; past comparisons (by me, anyway) to whatever dusty 18th century DIY relics seem like the ultimate in damned-w/ faint praise at this point, and besides Chronophage don't sound very much like the Damned or the Faint so I don't get why you're arguing with me.

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